Juvare Hope Post Surgery Compression Bra

  • Adjustable front closure zipper and inside pockets for secure fit

  • Latex free modal cotton and spandex provides soft, moisture wicking fabric

  • Long-line design with front and side drain access, and detachable double drain pouch

  • Machine washable and dryable

  • Light compression reduces pain and swelling, and supports breast and chest tissue after breast surgery

Bra- Front.png

Juvare Hope "Surgifab" Hot/Cold Pack

  • May be used with or without Juvare Hope Post Surgical Compression Bra

  • Heat in microwave or cool in freezer for heat or ice therapy

  • Flexible and lightweight design

Bra- Hot_Cold Pack.png


By Michele Hope

When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1994, I didn’t know very much about the disease, nor was I aware of the journey upon which I was about to embark. In a matter of days I went from feeling fine and healthy to becoming a cancer patient facing breast surgery, reconstruction, chemotherapy, and radiation.

One of the worst parts of the surgery and recovery process for me was dealing with the drains and how much pain and discomfort they caused. All the doctors and nurses were able to do was attach the drain with a safety pin to the nightgown. I couldn’t change them or remove them by myself because I couldn’t bend my arm or move comfortably. I had to have someone else help me with them, and it was very impractical and frustrating.

In addition to the drains, as part of the surgical process, I was dressed in a compression garment to control swelling. I couldn’t help but notice how ugly this garment was. This disease already has so many horrible aspects to it, and to add insult to injury, the surgeons make you wear this ugly bra. I was thinking to myself, “The least the doctor could have done was give me something more feminine and a little bit prettier to wear. Maybe something with some style or lace.” I already felt so awful and everything was so painful and dark, and I thought, “If I could look a little better, maybe I would feel a little better.”

My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer three years after I was, and my sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer six years after that. I was forced to watch from the sidelines as they experienced the same pain and discomfort that I did. Then after I thought the worst had passed, I was diagnosed with a recurrence just one year after my sister.  Just when we thought we were healing, my aunt was diagnosed in 2015. 

I was amazed that 10 years had gone by and there was no improvement in the design for healing, comfort, or aesthetics of these surgical garments. It was evident to me that no one was working to make a bra for a woman instead of a patient, so I made one myself.

Breast cancer is such a rampant disease; One in eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer this year. While it is encouraging that Breast Cancer awareness has brought about the advancement of research, development, and a search for a cure, it is unfortunate that the medical community is so focused on the disease, they sometimes forget about the woman. A woman still wants to feel like a woman, no matter what she’s going through.


P.O. Box 38, Flanders, NJ 07836

(908) 798-HOPE (4673)


(908) 798-HOPE (4673)

P.O. Box 38, Flanders, NJ 07836